GloryCon 2: Return to the Battlefield

Written by Mike Frantz… Feb 27th 2022

On February 19th 2022, Glorycon 2, an Old School Magic tournament, was held in Historic Gettysburg Pennsylvania. 45 mages from 12 states and 9 different Old School clubs met again at The Historic 1776 Dobbin House Tavern, Gettysburg PA’s oldest and most historic home. This home served as a stop on the underground railroad and General Meade’s headquarters during the Battle of Gettysburg.

The format for the main event was Gentleman’s Atlantic, which is your standard Atlantic B&R with the addition of Library and Mind Twist being banned. We also leaned harder into the gentleman’s theme by allowing draws in the 6 rounds of Swiss and cutting to the top 8 for a proper playoff bracket. 

Our featured original Magic artist for the event was Richard Thomas. Richard and I have been in touch working on a special piece since late 2020 when I was hoping to have this event in early 2021. I have been sitting on this reimagined Black Vise for over a year and am finally thrilled to share it with everyone. The new Black Vise has many little Easter eggs: the background is the basement bar of The Dobbin House while still having a purple tint of the original art, stuffy is dressed just like Confederate General Pickett, the Vise has symbols used by Union Corps, and lastly a picture in the background of the one and only Atog. We used the same card back with updated information then printed and numbered exactly 100 of these. Everyone at Glorycon 2 received one.

The weekend began with everyone first sending proof of a negative Covid-19 test right before they began their travels to Gettysburg PA. Friday night we met at The Upper Crust, for casual games, hangs, wood fired pizza, and loads of drinks to choose from.

Saturday at the Dobbin House members of Old Order Old School rush in just 1 hour before the doors open moving tables, chairs, setting up Chinese auction items, and spreading out the swag. On top of the Glorycon Vise we had special OOOS dice bags made and some pins.

While Richard Thomas couldn’t be with us due to things out of our control, we had some great special guests. Jason Koresko from Deal Me in Games and friend Evan Hundertmark were our vendors for the day selling lots of old cardboard including a sealed Homelands box. Mitchell Grosofsky aka MG Alters was our onsite alterist. He was able to work on projects on site, take commissions, and doodle on things I just threw at him on the spot for prizes.

The featured item in the Chinese auction was a Preacher donated by Mark Jonovitch. Repeating his generosity form the last Glorycon. He again worked with Mitchell Grosofsky to create Abe Lincoln holding the Gettysburg address behind a podium covered in an American Flag accurate for the time period.

With setup complete The Dobbin House doors open at 11am and tournament began shortly thereafter. We ran 3 rounds of timed Swiss before stopping for a 50-minute meal break provided by The Dobbin House.

After the meal we quickly got back to Magic. 3 more rounds to finish the Swiss and then we had a bunch of things to take care of. I want to thank everyone as there was a lot going on at the end. First, we announced the top 8 and they could begin playing the first playoff round. We then recognized our spicy decks with prizes. We had a few special prizes such as Best Deck Photo: Andy Callaghan, Best Finishing Unpowered: John Gehling, Best Shirtless Army: Merle Zimmerman, and a troll prize Best Net Decker: Ben Katz. Levi Baumgardner and Nathan Shue took charge finding the winners of the Chinese auction which raised over $1600.00 which had some help from Merle Zimmerman who was challenging his opponents to fake ante for donations all weekend. Thank you Merle!

The Charity this year is something very close to my heart. I am an avid volunteer scouter, the Cubmaster for Lake Meade Cub Scout Pack 88, and Assistant Scoutmaster for Lake Meade Scouts BSA Troop 88. We are going to donate straight to the Cub Scout Pack for them to do whatever they decide they need: camping trips, gear, special events, awards, etc. It all adds up and this will help them do a whole bunch more.

After a few group photos we had our next wrinkle of the event: venue #3 back to The Upper Crust for top 4 games, more pizza, more beer, and final hangs. Once we were down to the final 2 players Don Perrien and Andy Callaghan they decided to split and be co-champions of the event which was noted on their prize cards, but we had the Blaze of Glory card we all signed at the beginning of the event. Someone had to win that card. I challenged them to a heads-up game of Skeeball to determine greatness. Shortly thereafter Andy Callaghan took Don down.

I’d like to also mention that we used for the entire event. Starting with the place to register for the event to later implementing payment through Tolaria directly. Then during the event, pairings and reporting were all done on Tolaria via everyone’s mobile browser. This saved me a load of time between rounds. Slanfan has done an amazing job with this app. I had a list of things that I wanted as a TO and he delivered on all of them. We did have a glitch in the matrix right at the start of the event but Slanfan was just a phone call away to help resolve the issue very quickly. Thank you so much Slanfan.

Special thanks go out to several people. I’m sorry if I missed anyone’s name. Glorycon 2 would not have been a success without each of the people on this list and beyond: Slanfan, Jason Beaupre, Christian Reinhard, Levi Baumgardner, Jeff A. Menges, Mario Murr, Owen Fletcher, James Lebak, John Gehling, Mark Jonovitch, Jason Koresko, Evan Hundertmark, Merle Zimmerman, Mitchell Grosofsky, and Mike McLaughlin. Peter at The Upper Crust. Rick, Lauren, and Hilda, at The Dobbin House. A very special thank you to our featured artist Richard Thomas.

I’d also like to thank so many of you who sent get well wishes to my youngest son Madden. The week before Glorycon he had an emergency appendectomy. He is one of the toughest kids I know and is back to full strength.

Thank you to my loving wife Ashley, who always has my back, is my biggest supporter, and has the best eye roll whenever I get carried away. 143

Keep an eye out in the next week when I make the announcement on how to get your chance to get one of these Black Vise cards. We will be doing the same silent auction we did last time where every penny will be going to the Lake Meade Cub Scout Pack 88.






8th Place – Spicy Award
Andy Callaghan & Levi Baumgardner
– Toby Keith

7th Place – Spicy Award
Dominic Dotterrer

6th Place – Spicy Award
Julian Mertz
– White Prison

5th Place – Spicy Award
Matthew Messa
– Berzerk Angels

4th Place – Spicy Award
Jason Beaupre
– Mishra’s Scepter

3rd Place – Spicy Award
David Roop
– Blue Burn

2nd Place – Spicy Award
Gregg Graham
– Pickett’s Charge

Presenting Pickett’s Charge, a deck inspired by the events of July 3rd 1863 at Gettysburg, PA.
This deck is a hybrid Living Plane prison and Power Monolith combo deck, with a transformational sideboard into Eureka.

The Living Plane elements represent the Union defenses on Cemetery Ridge
The Power Monolith elements represent the massive artillery barrage before the attack
The Eureka elements represent the charge itself

Units are represented as follows:
Jerrard of the Closed Fist is Major General Hancock, commander of the Union middle
Triskelions and Prodigal Sorcerers represent the Union front line
Bartel Runeaxe represents Lieutenant General Longstreet, commander of the Confederate attack
Erhnam Djinns represent Major General Pickett’s division
Mahamoti Djinns represent Major General Trimble’s division
Shivan Dragons represent Brigadier General Pettigrew’s division

The deck picture is laid out in the formation of the Union line, the famous fish hook, at the time of the attack.

1ST PLACE – MOST SPICY – Spicemaster


8th Place – Overall
Jared Kohler

7th Place – Overall
Ryan Keach
– UBW Shops

6th Place – Overall
Brian Vesgo
– Sol’Kanar and Friends

5th Place – Overall
John Gehling

4th Place – Overall
Mark Jonovitch
– Diskhard

3rd Place – Overall
Pez Unholy

2nd Place – Overall
Don Perrien
– Grogu Should Have Taken the Lightsaber!

1st Place – Overall
– Toby Keith


Alphabetical by First Name

Name: Andrew Callaghan
Title: Toby Keith
1st Place – Overall
Co-8th Place – Spicy Award
Best Deck Picture!

Name: Andy Blaufarb
Title: Secret Space Laser Corps

Name: Ben Katz

Name: Ben Revell
Title: The Ebon Preator

Name: Benjamin Sanders

Name: Brian Limbacher
1st Place – Spicy Award

Name: Brian Vesgo
Title: Sol’Kanar and Friends
6th Place – Overall

Name: Carl Bjornstad

Name: Christopher Zach

Name: Collin Moser
Title: Burn and Ernie

Name: David McCune
Title: Black Stuff

Name: David Roop
Title: Blue Burn
3rd Place – Spicy Award

Name: Dominic Dotterrer
7th Place – Spicy Award

Name: Don Perrien
Title: Grogu Should Have Taken the Lightsaber!
2nd Place – Overall

Name: Gregg Graham
Title: Pickett’s Charge
2nd Place – Spicy Award

Name: Ian Hendry
Title: Bant Midrange

Name: James Lebak

Name: Jared Kohler
8th Place – Overall

Name: Jason Beaupre
Title: Mishra’s Scepter
4th Place – Spicy Award

Name: Jeremy Marcus
Title: Erhnam Burn’em

Name: Jesse Crowley
Title: Technicolor Nasty Taxes

Name: Jimmy Cooney

Name: John Gehling
5th Place – Overall

Name: Jonah Gasparotti
Title: Suicide Green

Name: Jonathan Guillen
Title: Salt and Pepper Rack

Name: Julian Mertz
6th Place – Spicy Award

Name: Levi Baumgardner
Title: Toby Keith
Co-8th Place – Spicy Award

Name: Mark Jonovitch
Title: Diskhard
4th Place – Overall

Name: Matt Folk
Title: Snoddy’s Naughty Port-a-Potty

Name: Matthew Messa
5th Place – Spicy Award

Name: Merle Zimmerman

Name: Michael F Smith
Title: Hymn to the Scepter

Name: Michael Scheffenacker

Name: Mike Frantz
Title: False Atog

Name: Mitchell Feeg
Title: Always Play Mono Red

Name: Nathan Shue
Runner Up – Best Deck Pic

Name: Pez Unholy
3rd Place – Overall

Name: Ryan Keach
Title: UBW Shops
7th Place – Overall

Name: Seth Roncoroni
Title: Burning Lions

Name: Stephanie Zach

Name: Stephen Moore

Name: Steve Boucher
Title: Balance, Pls!

Name: Vince Ferraiuolo

Name: Virgil Wagner

Name: Xander Vu

If there are any discrepancies with the list or your name was omitted please contact Mike.

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