Old School Event: Portal in Bethlehem, PA

April 1st OS event at the Portal in Bethlehem PA.

              I am terrible at write ups. Partially due to my difficulty with typing matched with my inability to stay on topic for too long. It’s also what makes me a difficult DM for our monthly 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons sessions, but here we are. On the 1st of April we certainly gathered some magic at Portal in Bethlehem PA, my usual haunt now for nearly 20 years. Old School is an odd animal amongst the formats, where proxy talk can get heated and spice can be stifled by competition. I run Vintage, Legacy, Premodern, Pauper and now Old School. For this event the ATL OS format was chosen by popular vote, and I allowed Power 9, Dual Lands, Bazaar of Baghdad, Mishra’s Workshop, Chaos Orb and Library of Alexandria to be proxied. My future OS events will be 100% proxy legal, like all my other events. The vibe in the room to this was positive, if you disagree feel free to blow up the internet about it.

              The wheels are already falling off. 18 players came together to sling some cards. We played a 4 round event followed by a top 8, with prize alter cards offered to the top three finishers. The event card for signing was Vampire Bats, an homage to a local player from the Old Order Old School group. Deck list were taken, sent, emailed and such but I did not get them all. Next time I will be more diligent with that. Players played, turns went to orb flipping and there was much. I even played, which is rare, so I gathered my 4 berserks and went into combat. The day flowed well, with a great variety of decks being played. The Spice award went to the player who had both Gaea’s Liege and Sword of the Ages.

               We are indeed fortunate to be in the Northeast, where gaming seems to live eternal regardless of the rest of the world. These formats draw out the best people as always. A special thank you to all those who attended and thank you for sitting through computer issues initially. Thank you as well to the Old Order, for supporting the local scene and making my events all the better. Feel free to join us for future events. The next OS event will be July 8th, ATL format, full proxies legal. Hope to see you there.



Alphabetical by First Name

Andy Blaufarb

Andy Callaghan

Claudia DuLac

Dan Heycock

Dave Portal

Dominic Difebo

Jared Susney

John Geras

Levi Baumgardner

Mark Jonovich

Nathan Shue

Paul Desilva

Ty Thomason

Will Parshall

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