Alter Ante Tournament

$45.00 Registration:

Introduction: For me, two of the best parts of Old School Magic is casual games at a bar and ante games. The purpose of Alter Ante is to play Ante40k with my magic friends, without needing everyone to purchase Swedish legal printings, and without asking everyone to risk their own cards. We are going use the  rules with an expansion of the reprint policy AND a price window between 4k-7k US dollars. Let’s break it down.

Deck Construction: Build a Swedish Ante40k legal deck. Use any American OS legal reprint you want (non-foil, original art & frame permitted including CE/IE, FBB & FWB, & 30th). No proxies except those sweet Glorycon cards. Your deck needs to be worth between $4,000 and $7,000 USD using the list below no matter what version you actually sleeve up. No sideboards. *Black Lotus & Jeweled Bird are banned*

Tournament: This event is a 5-hour block of finding your own opponents. At the start of the event, you will be assigned a pod of about 7-10 players and X-number of wild card players for a total of about 13 opponents. Each match is best of 1 game. Make it count. These 13 games will determine your record for the playoffs. If you still have time in the 5-hours, you can play more games of ante to try to win cards for your deck.

The Play: At the start of the game each player will shuffle, cut, and ante 1 card facedown. Then deal your hand and mulligan as normal. At the end of the game all cards changing ownership (including cards in the ante zone) are done so by proxies that the original player doodles for the exchange.

Between Games: You don’t lose any cards since you are giving away proxies so your deck can remain the same all day. Cards you win can be added to your deck even if it violates the restricted list. You may remove cards from your deck as long as it does not go below 60 cards. Cards you win and cards you take out can live in you “side deck” to change out before matches.

Bonus Add-Ins: Since the tournament is based on pod play, we want to give some incentives to those who are losing games to continue to play everyone and raise money for the charity at the same time. After you lose 2 games, for a $20 donation to the charity, you may add one additional proxy ante card not named Contract from Below. After your third loss, for a $10 donation, you may add one Mox proxy. These additions can violate the restricted list and value limit.

Prizes: Once pod play has completed, we will gather into pods to discuss who won each pod. All pod winners will advance to either a top 4 or 8 playoffs depending on the number of total players. We will then fill the remaining seats by highest records in the whole room. Tiebreaker is head-to-head then Chaos Orb flips. Playoffs will also be best of 1 game and still for Alter Ante. Other prizes include: most cards won, most games played, highest value card won, best alterist, most creative deck, best deck photo

Food & Drinks: As part of your ticket price, Mezzogiorno Italian Cuisine will be providing a meal available from 5:30pm-7pm at your leisure between games. Mudhook Brewing Company will have staff during the entire event to keep your cups full. See their drink menu at Outside food is permitted but no outside beverages. Drinks are not part of your ticket price.

Location & Time: Central Market House, 34 W Philadelphia St, York, PA 17401. March 4th 2023 doors will open at 2:45pm. Play begins at 3:15pm and ends at 8:15pm with playoffs directly after. Event ends at 10:00pm. Parking can be found at the West Philadelphia Parking Garage right across the street. We will also have a Friday night meetup at Mudhook Brewing Company attached to this same venue.

Deck Photos: Deck photos will be required for this event. A link for uploading will be sent out closer to the event date. Deck lists with prices will NOT be required. Remember the #1 rule of Old School: Don’t be a dick. I will be posting all the photos online with the price list. The internet has nothing better to do than to call out cheaters. Don’t be that person.

Charity: After expenses, all the remaining money and donations will go to The Alzheimer’s Association which leads the way to end Alzheimer’s and all other dementia – by accelerating global research, driving risk reduction and early detection, and maximizing quality care and support. Find out more at

Tickets: Tickets will be $45.00


Special Guest: Mitch Grosofsky (aka MG Alters) will be attending Alter Ante. He will be there not to make the cards you lose but rather to do awesome alters for your collection and to talk out ideas you might have for alters in the future. You can see his amazing body of work on Facebook and the old school discords by searching for MG Alters.

1-15-23 Update: Below reflects two small updates. First, Force of Nature and Forcefield prices were flipped and have been corrected. Second, Ring of Ma’rûf has been banned. With proper errata, Ring of Ma’rûf could be a mildly fun card. It could also be a very broken card if the errata was a little wrong. We decided for simplicity to just ban Ring of Ma’rûf. There will be enough of a rising power level in the room without the help of Ring of Ma’rûf.