Old School Event: Portal in Bethlehem, PA

| Photo Gallery | Deck Lists | April 1st OS event at the Portal in Bethlehem PA.               I am terrible at write ups. Partially due to my difficulty with typing matched with my inability to stay on topic for too long. It’s also what makes me a difficult DM for our monthly 3.5 Dungeons and DragonsContinue reading “Old School Event: Portal in Bethlehem, PA”

Our own Mike Frantz guests on As Garfield Intended

Mike sat down and had a couple drinks with the guys over at The Ebon Hand. Hear about some of Mikes decisions and processes when planning an event, some talk about ante itself and the formats that support it, and just some general banter. Find a link to the video here. Please make sure toContinue reading “Our own Mike Frantz guests on As Garfield Intended”

Old Order Cabin 2021

Written by Mike Frantz… back in 2021 you just never saw it. In August of 2021, the Old Order family got together for some much needed in-person Magic. We traveled to a location so remote that coordinates were needed to get there. 11 mages made the trek for an all under one roof Magic getawayContinue reading “Old Order Cabin 2021”

GloryCon 2: Return to the Battlefield

| Photo Gallery | Standings | Spicy Awards | Overall Winners | Deck Lists | Written by Mike Frantz… Feb 27th 2022 On February 19th 2022, Glorycon 2, an Old School Magic tournament, was held in Historic Gettysburg Pennsylvania. 45 mages from 12 states and 9 different Old School clubs met again at The HistoricContinue reading “GloryCon 2: Return to the Battlefield”