Discord – TongueInCheek (Andy Callaghan)#9151

Andy Callaghan

Anti-Netdecker, Grumpy Johnny, Giant Spider Enthusiast

Started trading Pokémon cards for magic cards around ’99. The local play group were early 20s, so the influence of older cards grabbed a hold and never let go. I stopped playing around 05, then started collecting again when I’d heard about old school in late 2015. I met Jason Beaupre in 2016, which later led to us founding the old order old school club.

Playstyle: Aggro or mid-range
Preferred Format: Atlantic
Favorite Deck: Pixie Disko
Favorite Card: Nevinyrral’s Disk

Discord – Dave Portal#1079

Dave Portal

studderingdave, Beardy Dave

Started MtG in 1994 and never stopped. Prefers Legacy and Vintage and running events. Enjoy cook outs and cube when invited.

Playstyle: Midrange or Battlecruiser
Preferred Format: 7pt
Favorite Deck: Mono Green Berserk
Favorite Card: Berserk

Current Deck: The Court of the Righteous (7pt)

Discord – OldOrder#5063

Jason Beaupre

Dad, Spicy Manipulator

I started playing around the Dark. Played until the Urza block and came back in 2015. Was told by a Vintage player that “Old School may be more your style” after he saw my ancient Vintage deck with Prodigal Sorcerer in it. After investigating the format via FB and the internet for a year, built White Weenie and hooked up with Andy Calaghan, one of many friends I’ve met online because of Magic. I attended 2017 Eternal Weekend (the last crazy one) and discovered the real Old School. Founded Old Order with Andy and Jason K at EW 2018. I have been recruiting all Pennsylvania mages ever since. As a true Johnny, I love the gathering and winning with new decks and ideas.

Playstyle: Midrange
Preferred Formats: Atlantic, 7 Point Singleton, 1.5
Favorite Deck: The next one…
Favorite Card: Lord of Atlantis

Current Deck: Power Monolith

Jason Koresko

The Self Regenerator, Owner/Operator of Deal Me In Games

Jason Koresko is a good dude and you should visit his shop.

Deal Me In Games

Discord – Vydel#0598

John Gehling

Webmaster, Johnny’s Johnny, Frozen Shade Collector

Started playing MtG in 1994 shortly after revised was released. Back then I was more of a collector than a player, though I did play casually. Was not much of a tournament player back then. I sold out around the year 2000, but once I learned of the Old School community I came back in 2018. My first foray back into it was a cheap white weenie deck I played at Eternal Weekend 2018 and was immediately hooked right back in.

Playstyle: Aggro
Preferred Format: Atlantic
Favorite Deck: DiskAtog
Favorite Card: Black Vise

Current Deck: Sleeveless Wonder

Discord – Jmertz91#3965

Julian Mertz

The One and Only, The Man with the Million Dollar Tan

Started playing magic in 1998 in the middle school lunchroom and have been pretty consistently ever since. I learned of old school from my childhood best friend and fellow old order member Mitchell Feeg and we have been hooked playing old school since 2019.

Playstyle: Aggro / Mid Range
Preferred Format: PreModern
Favorite Deck: Astral Slide
Favorite Card: Evil Presence

Discord – Crynus (Levi)#2856

Levi Baumgardner

Self Denying Spike, Frequent Beer Drinker

Started in 94 quit around 2000. Never got rid of everything so I had a very small old school collection when Mike brought me back in 2018. Not much of a brewer so I stick to established archetypes.

Playstyle: Control
Preferred Format: Swedish
Favorite Deck: The Deck
Favorite Card: Copy Artifact

Discord – Djinn Daddy Mahamoti#9148

Mark Evaldi

Criminally Overrated Deck Brewer, Criminally Underrated Beer Drinker

I started in 95 with a small circle of friends in a local pizza porlar in the Poconos of PA. After playing large tournaments and traveling for over 25 years I found myself back where it all started. A community welcoming me with open arms, with moments I wont forget and a ice cold beer.

Playstyle: Right Side Up
Preferred Format: Limited
Favorite Deck: Squirrel/OPP
Favorite Card: Jester’s Cap

Current Deck: Undead Shit Show

Discord – RequiemGames #6766

Mark Jonovich

Destroyer of Dreams and Lands, Professor at Hymn U

I got into M:tG right around the release of Ice Age after being introduced to the game by a friend. Was able to get Revised, The Dark and Italian Legends still in shops. Played originally up to around Onslaught before selling off all my stuff, though I briefly got back in when attending Community College in 2003, where we would have mass melee games with as many as 10 players, though I once again got rid of my cards once interest waned. Came upon Old School in 2018 as a result of playing the old Microprose M:tG PC Game and randomly searching for deck ideas, which led me down the rabbit hole of articles about Old School M:tG and immediately caught my interest. While I typically build decks that have a reasonable chance to win (not really a spicy brewer), I’m also not very competitive and win or lose, I’m here for the fun and nostalgia, while trading stories and laughs over a couple beers.

Playstyle: Aggro-Control/Midrange
Preferred Format: Gentleman’s Atlantic
Favorite Deck: Deadguy Ale
Favorite Card: Necropotence (Greed in OS)

Current Deck: Pictured ->

Discord – Mrblack#0543

Mats Furby

Our Man from Another Land, The Swedish End Boss

I started playing magic around the Christmas holiday 94 when my older brother bought a starter deck of revised, we where going to spend our holiday with our grandparents so we needed something to do to not get bored. Played until Urza block and then come back to the game when I went to university around onslaught. Played a lot of Modern and limited before I got into Old School around 2016 when it came to Stockholm. I have travelled to local tournaments like Island Tour, Ivory Cup and Arvika but I use to play my regular OS at the bar Poolpalace. Although I already played online before covid it has really been a resurgence for my OS experience to be able to play online in Mobstercom, Lobstercom, Noobcom, Neos, Odol, Tier1mtg.

Playstyle: Aggro-Control/Midrange
Preferred Format: I am a shapeshifter, I like to try new OS formats, like Xpt, Gentleman’s Atlantic, OS+Alliance, Unified OS Swedish, VintageCube Favorite Deck: Merfolk
Favorite Card: Land Tax

Current Deck: Fantasy Zoo

Discord – Ishanvile (Frantz)#8831

Mike Frantz

Tournament Organizer, The Scout Master

I started playing in late 94. The art and the mystic of the original cards hooked me immediately. My first constructed tournament in the center of the local mall in 95 had me on mono blue control featuring Control Magic and Vesuvan Doppelgangers after which I started learning the ways of necromancy and picked up pieces of power and Bazaars. My favorite card has always been Atog even though I only knew how to feed it ornithopters and fountains back then. I stopped playing when I couldn’t find anyone to play Type I with and Wizards started changing the art and making foils, yuck. I found webcam old school magic in 2018 with zero cards. Then I dragged my old friends back in and attended Eternal Weekend 2018. The rest has been eaten by Atogs.

Playstyle: Aggro/Burn
Preferred Format:  Atlantic, 7 Point Singleton, Ante40k
Favorite Deck: a red one
Favorite Card: Atog

Current Deck: Something with Atog

We love you Mike!!! ❤
But you can suck it!

Mike McLaughlin

Big Poppa Pump, Gordie

Good man, good dad and an all around stand up character.

Discord – Breadbox#0523

Mitchell Feeg

Mitchell “I only have budget decks” Feeg

Started playing magic somewhere around 96 97 during the summers with older guys at the local pool. Played on and off and started playing competitive around 2010. Started to not like modern magic and found out about old school around 2018. Met Jason and Andy at a SCG event and have been playing OS since.

Playstyle: Midrange
Preferred Format: Gentlemen’s Atlantic
Favorite Deck: Mono Red Disco Troll
Favorite Card: Uthden Troll

Discord – Ltd_Resources (New Nate)#4518

Nathan Shue

The Newest of Nates, The Fantabulous Bearded One

Life began on a trade-in. Complete set of ’94 Fleer Ultra X-MEN for something called Magic. Scored Revised boosters and starters with no idea how to play. Started actual playing around Urza Block in high school. Collected Rath Cycle, Urza Block and Mercadian Block through college. Played Type 1.5 for years. Sold collections off and on. Rediscovered original Revised cards after sorting moving boxes during quarantine. Found Comix Connection again, fondly remember the early 90’s Delco location. Ned dropped a line to Jason Beaupre and the “Godfather” hooked me into Old School. The Firebreather was my first tournament. Happy to be back at it 20 years later!

Playstyle: Aggro
Preferred Format: Atlantic
Favorite Deck: White Weenie
Favorite Card: Land Tax

William Parshall

The Lich King “He can do anything”, Undisputed Hardest Partier

Will “the Grill” Parshall is the one you call for a good time. He has been showing us a good time for a while…